The Value Added Experience


We work with a variety of professionals from realtors to estate attorneys to elder care professionals. In all that we do we focus on addressing all of your clients needs. We aim to create lasting relationships and work hard to earn your referrals. Once we start working with your clients you can rest assured that we will keep their best interest in mind, therefore, keeping your best interest in mind.

Who benefits from working with Liquidation Project?

Everyone. At a time when your client needs it most we offer a one-stop-shop estate sales experience. We keep the process simple and include everything in the commission. In other words, we do all of the work and your client gets a check when we finish. This frees up their time to focus on what’s important to them. We work hard to make you look good and appreciate all referrals.

What can you expect from Liquidation Project?

A company that will treat and service your clients to the standards you yourself set. We understand that when a referral comes in we become an extension of you. We are here to represent both ourselves and you in a professional manner.

Where can you and your clients find Liquidation Project?

Everywhere in the greater Cleveland area and slightly beyond. To keep overhead to a minimum and provide a maximum value experience we’ll go to your client. All sales will be completed out of your client’s home. Upon completion the home will be left in broom swept condition and your client will receive a check for their portion of the proceeds.

When should you contact Liquidation Project?

The sooner the better. As with most things in life the more time allotted for planning the better. We can, however, have a sale completed within just three weeks in some cases. Once your client contacts us we will work with them (and you as necessary) to meet the timeframe needed.

Why refer your clients to Liquidation Project?

We do what it takes to get the job done. Your clients will be represented with the upmost respect. From start to finish you can rest assured we are representing you in all we do.

How does Liquidation Project add value?

This is two part answer:

  1. You can trust that we will provide excellent service on time. Therefore you can refer us knowing that we will be an extension you and vice versa. We’ll make you look good!

  2. Through our network of professionals and tradesmen there is not an aspect of service we can not provide or refer. From estate planning to home selling we are part of a network that can get the job done. Estate attorney, realtor, title company, handy man, movers, painter, cleaning crew, and more. These are all the types of people needed to ensure the proper handling of an estate. And at Liquidation Project we are proud to know some of the best in the business.