Frequently Asked Questions


What is an estate sale?  An estate sale, tag sale, liquidation sale, etc. is a means of selling a full house of goods. Estate sales are similar to garage sales but on a much larger sale. Typically, all items in a home are sold often times including the appliances.

What is sold at an estate sale? put it simply. Over many years of living in a home items are accumulated, stored away, and collected. At an estate sale these are all displayed for sale. From dishes, silverware, glasses, and pans to towels, sheets, bedding, and clothes everything that needs sold will be. Cleaning supplies, hand tools, power tools, electronics, lawn mowers, and all of the other items used everyday can be part of the sale. Of course, the furniture including dining room sets, bedroom sets, couches, chairs, coffee tables, etc. are included as well.

How can an estate sale benefit me?  Estate sales offer an opportunity to turn household goods into cash while getting a home ready to sell or return to a landlord. Having a sale is a great way to liquidate the goods of a loved one and get some money that can really help with moving expenses, assisted living, or funeral cost.

Why hire an estate sale company?  Most people already have a full schedule and adding the responsibility of completing a sale is not feasible. It can take weeks to properly set up a sale, research items, display items, and price everything. Not to mention placing ads and getting permits. Having to complete these sales usually comes during an already emotional time and it helps to hire a professional.

Using Liquidation Project offers a one-stop-shop to meet all of your needs. Our clients can literally choose to walk away if they desire...or be as included in the process as you choose.


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